Benches & Ottomans

Benches & Ottomans

All colors, materials and dimensions are subject to customization as per the client’s request.

Liberty Bench

L: 140cm   D: 47cm   H: 45cm  

Scala Ottoman

L: 36cm   D: 36cm   H: 43cm  

Scala II Ottoman

L: 40cm   D: 40cm   H: 46cm  

Babel Ottoman

L: 41cm   D: 41cm   H: 45cm  

Harpia Ottoman

L: 49cm   D: 49cm   H: 48cm  

Melania Ottoman

L: 50cm   D: 50cm   H: 52cm  

McQueen Ottoman

L: 52cm   D: 52cm   H: 46cm  

Beyond Ottoman

L: 59cm   D: 59cm   H: 48cm  

Astra Ottoman

L: 60cm   D: 60cm   H: 40cm  

Palace Ottoman

L: 90cm   D: 900cm   H: 40cm